Sunday, March 26, 2023
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The absence of Jeremy Banks, South Carolina’s dominant performance, and Hendon Hooker’s injury.

Dave Hooker and Amanda LaFratta discuss the absence and actions of Jeremy Banks, including the NIL drama and altercation, does Tennessee have a problem in the locker room, the collapse in Columbia and South Carolina’s dominant performance, Hendon Hooker’s season-ending injury, and how the Vols will finish off the season.

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  1. I debated on sending this. How you portrayed Banks yesterday as being a thug because of a past mistake that he clearly took full responsibility for, started back at the bottom, and worked hard to get back on the teams good graces, was disgusting. You also discussed what corporate sponsor would back Banks because of what he did back in 2018 or 19. Maybe take a look at the NFL and see hoe many players have done really stupid things as an adult and still have sponsors.
    Really only those who were there or work at the university know what happened. Clearly the defense wasn’t happy with the decision otherwise they would have actually put forth an effort. Did it ever cross your mind that Hookers head might have gotten bigger than his britches with all the publicity he’s been getting (heisman candidate & NIL deals) while others on the team who have worked just as hard have got nothing. I’ve said from the beginning the NIL would destroy college football and that seems to be more and more the case at Tn and other universities. Maybe with what happened other players on the team got tired of his holier than thou attitude. The fact that Banks was suspended when it might have been both of them might have rubbed the team the wrong way. I’m not saying Banks didn’t do anything wrong I’m just really saying we don’t know and its none of our business what happened. If the coach had wanted us to know he’d said what happened. Instead of creating more drama (because I’m sure players friends or family members possibly listen to your show) by saying Banks should not be allowed to put on a tennessee jersey or step foot on the field ever again- should you not be saying what can the university and coaches do to help prevent this from happening again because you know it will. After all these are still kids (even though in the eyes of the law they are adults when have you really seen a testosterone filled 20 year old act like an adult all of the time…it does happen but its very rare).

    • I certainly appreciate your take on this and understand your point. However, based on what I’ve been told, I would not have allowed him back on the team because so much was at stake. Purely pragmatic. Not emotional. However, I’m writing this at halftime of the Vanderbilt game and he is playing well so I give him and the team kudos for putting it behind them as they apparently have. Thanks for reading!

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