Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Tennessee-Alabama hype: Positive energy or “rat poison”?

There seems to be a strong push against recent tradition in Saturday’s Alabama-Tennessee game. Some, believe it or not, actually believe the Vols can beat the Crimson Tide. Seriously.

Let’s be clear. We’re not just talking about some homer media members that cover Tennessee’s football team. There are some big hitters siding with the Vols before the Vols and Bama kick things off at 3:30 on Saturday.

While Alabama is still favored by more than a touchdown, there is a significant amount of analysts and prognosticators that think Tennessee will pull off the upset and arise victorious. The chatter has been so “pro-Vol” and so strong that Nick Saban actually referenced it during his press conference on Wednesday. 

Saban’s response probably answers the age old question concerning players and if they’re affected by hype. While that certainly won’t affect the game once it begins on Saturday, it’s safe to assume that the hype has Alabama’s attention. That could lead to more focus during preparation this week in Tuscaloosa. Nevertheless, it’s clear that the days of Tennessee sneaking up on any team are long gone.

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