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TE Princeton Fant: “Whenever my number was called, I was ready for it.”

Perhaps Princeton Fant can punt. So far, he can do just about everything else.

The senior tight end first showcased his versatility when he lined up at fullback and scored a touchdown against Alabama last week. It was a bit surprising. The Vols had talked about playing Fant out of the backfield, but that didn’t make much sense for a couple of reasons.

First, Fant is an athletic tight end that can make plays. Second, the Vols have a good set of tailbacks ready to tote the load when called upon. Yet Fant was on the goal line ready to dive in against Bama. That was all just the beginning.

Of course, Fant had long shown he could catch a pass. Against UT-Martin on Sunday, he proved he could throw for a score as well when he hit receiver Jalin Hyatt on 66-yard, trick-play that was surprising to all involved.

Fant threw for a touchdown, ran for two touchdowns and caught one pass for 17 yards. Still, the chance to throw stood out.

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“I was definitely excited about it,” Fant said when asked about the playcall. “It was something we have been practicing and talking about this week. I was able to watch Jalin (Hyatt) catch it after getting hit. I was so happy that he caught it. I am proud…I wasn’t nervous. I joke around and throw the ball all the time in practice. 

“I throw it far and different stuff like that. Coach Heupel always says, ‘Man P, you have an arm.’ We are just having fun with it. Whenever my number was called, I was ready for it.”

Perhaps Fant can do more? He’s up for the challenge.

“Honestly, whatever I can do to help the team win, whether it’s throwing the ball, running the ball, catching the ball, going in on punt, running down and hitting someone,” Fant said. “ Whatever it is I want to help us win.”

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