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Lane Kiffin Tweet Shouldn’t Concern Tennessee Fans; Ole Miss’ fans? Well, that’s another matter

Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin likes to Tweet. I’m not knocking him for that. Not at all. However, his latest tweet has me a bit curious and should concern Ole Miss fans.

Why would Kiffin, who was the head coach at Tennessee in 2009, tweet a picture of his infamous departure just two days before the Tennessee-Alabama game, as he did on Thursday? It wasn’t to gig Tennessee fans. They don’t care about what Kiffin might tweet just before the Bama game. UT fans have something else on their mind. After all, the Vols faithful are more concerned about upsetting Alabama at 3:30 on Saturday.

Yet, Kiffin tweeted a picture from the unforgettable night in which he left UT for Southern California in 2009.

Perhaps this is the only Tennessee-related picture that Kiffin had in his phone and the UT-Alabama game just popped into his mind. However, there could well be something deeper at play. Kiffin, who loves the big stage, craves to be a part of the epic matchup that is scheduled to do down in Neyland Stadium. Remember, he was a part of big games on a regular basis when he was Alabama’s offensive coordinator from 2014-2016.

Instead, Ole Miss will host Auburn in a game that will have more yawns than an insomnia convention. Tennessee fans wouldn’t trade current UT coach Josh Heupel for Kiffin and a pot of gold. Kiffin would likely trade his job for less money for a school that could give him the resources to be in a headline game and win a championship as a head coach. Tennessee can and could have done that. That’s not going to happen at Ole Miss.

So why did Kiffin post the Tweet that went viral faster than an infectious flu? Probably regret.

Tennessee fans shouldn’t give it a second thought. Ole Miss fans might want to take note. They’re just lucky LSU and Florida weren’t interested during the offseason.

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