Friday, March 24, 2023
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By The Numbers: Tennessee is a dream for Television Ratings

It pretty obvious that Tennessee’s football team has become rather popular in East Tennessee. The car flags and t-shirts are back out. However, there are more people following the Vols than just those on the road or out and about in Knoxville.

The television ratings prove that there’s a large contingent that tune in each Saturday even if they weren’t raised with lyrics of “Rocky Top” echoing in their head. Or, perhaps, some dormant fans have come alive. Nevertheless, here are some television numbers to be mindful of:

While those numbers are impressive, let’s put them into context. In order to do so, let’s take a look at how the Vols match up against the rest of the pack. That makes this number below rather astounding. Tennessee is pulling in strong television ratings against Kentucky. Yes, Kentucky. That game used to be a November afterthought for national viewers. Last week, it was much-watch television.

No one would argue that Tennessee-Kentucky is a bigger rivalry than Michigan-Michigan State. However, the television ratings were at least comparable.

Impressive? Very much so. Just imagine what the television ratings might be for Saturday’s Top Three matchup when the Vols take on Georgia at 3:30 EST on CBS.

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